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International Movers Health

Health is wealth as they all say. This is more than true for the international mover. In one’s home country we feel safe and secure since we have our family doctors and other familiar resources to help us when to deal with health issues. But for the international mover this is an area which requires intense preparation before the move is made. The last thing an international move needs is to fall sick in an unknown land where one might not even know the language.

To begin with, it is best to research the country one is moving to check for any short term epidemics or health related warnings issues by the new country. Then there is work to be done on home ground. The international mover must get a complete personal medical check up for himself/herself and all family members. All medical records must be complete and updated. Anything requiring urgent check ups in the new country must be worked out with the new doctor before one leaves. Special reference must be made to the dental check up since this is one medical field which varies from country to country.

Basic first aid kits should be carried at all times. Sometimes, international movers are aged and might require special medical attention. It is best to get references from one’s own doctor for the new country. Consulates and embassies are also very helpful with regards to this. All family members who need regular medication should have prescription forms which can be shown in the new country. Sometimes it is difficult to get the exact same medicine so international movers must know names of local replacements. All family members must carry small notes of any kind of allergy that they face on a regular basis. These should be translated in the local language in case anyone suffers an ailment when they are alone. English is a wide spoken language but not everyone in the new country might know that language. So it is best to find out the names of doctors treating your particular ailment from the embassy.

In addition, there are non-governmental professional organizations which provide this assistance to international movers through a full staff of medical personnel. In case there are certain specialized medical services needed by you not available in the new country, international movers might be able to travel to a nearby country or city and should have complete information about that. This would be convenient as well as cost effective. Insurance is the single most vital ingredient for international movers. Insurance details such as coverage must be understood. Insurance policies have local, regional and international coverage. However, just because one has international coverage does not mean all countries would be included. Also it is better to pay a higher premium for certain risk scenarios.

Most companies do offer medical coverage for their employees so that should be looked into. Local health care might also be made available for international movers and this can be added to one’s original medical insurance to be mentally secure. This does not mean that the insurance company would for medical attention upfront. They merely reimburse the international movers’ expenses so international movers must be prepared with some finances of their own to cover any medical expenses if and when they arise.
These are not the only precautions to take but as an international mover this is a good start to securing yours and your family’s health.

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