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Self Service Movers

When it comes to moving there is nothing exciting about driving a truck and parking it in narrow streets. That is why it is a good idea to use the Self Service Movers. When you hire a full service mover they almost take care of everything down to the last detail of your household. If you choose to move everything on your own then you are top do everything on your won literally including lugging everything if you do not find labor. The self service option somewhat meets you half way where you will be doing most of the stuff and the movers will do some of the stud and the most difficult part or you. You will still be doing the packing, loading and the unloading of your household goods the movers will drive the truck for you. You can actually save considerable by taking this option.

By choosing the Self Service Movers you can save on insurance that you need to take for driving a truck. Almost all companies ask for insurance because they cannot afford to pay any damages. However damages are likely while driving a truck because parking such a huge vehicle needs special skills. Unless you live on the national highway or the interstate it is not going to be easy to maneuver this huge vehicle through streets that would seem narrow for the truck. It is better to leave the job of driving to someone else and also save on that decision. Think of it this way that you are saving on the insurance and paying a little more for the self service move.

There are two kinds of Self Service Movers and one is the basic mover who will be renting you a commercial trailer and they drive the commercial trailer from point A to point B. the second type of mover is the moving company will be giving you special containers that you can use to pack your stuff and then the moving company will ship these special containers to your new residence. Both the cases are viable and it depends on how soon you want your stuff. If you plan to complete the moving in one single day than the first option would be better suited however if you want to take time to complete everything then the second option might suit you better.

The downside of Self Service Movers is that you have to do most of the stuff yourself and you may be good or bad at it but you still have to do it. Professional people are trained for packing things in your house and they will mostly do a 99% error free job for you. They also take the responsibility of any damages caused by them while packing. You do not get such luxuries while packing yourself. You will have to replace all the breakages and also remember that it is back breaking work. Moving involves a lot of physical activity in a short period of time.

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